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How to distinguish the bright tip from the dark tip of a pen?

2018-04-01 20:48:44

I believe that people who use pens will find that the nib of some pens is not the same, and today I will introduce the difference between the bright tip and the dark tip of the pen.


The nib of the pen has a bright tip and a dark tip, which refers to the classification according to the elasticity of the pen nib, generally speaking, it is best to choose a dark tip or a relatively hard other tip for calligraphy practice, because the bright tip is more elastic.


The first style of the bright pen will be more beautiful than the dark tip, the bright tip can not write very small and fine words, and the bright tip of the pen is easy to damage.


The dark tip of the pen is inside, which is not as good as the bright tip. It can write very fine and small notes, and has great office use. Compared with the bright tip, the dark tip of the pen is not easy to be dirty and damaged.


For people who write pens in general, of course, there is no elasticity of the nib is better, the main practice font structure, do not pay too much attention to stroke thickness changes, so the use of dark tip writing more convenient force, stroke easier to control.


If there is a certain basis for calligraphy, of course, it is to use bright points, to see personal preferences, some people like elastic, some people like elastic small, different word requirements are not the same.