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How to distinguish the true NIKE shoes?

2018-03-28 11:12:48

Pay attention to whether the model number is consistent with what you see in the franchise, whether the model number of the shoe box and the shoe tongue are the same (NIKE is a 9-digit model number, the first six are a model number, and the last three are connected by "-" in the middle of the color,ADIDAS is a 6-digit model number). Pay attention to the size on the tongue of the shoe, there should be four sizes, four sizes are corresponding to each other, and NIKE's women's shoes do not have 37 this code,ADIDAS does not have 37.5 this code, pay attention to whether the bar code on the shoebox is consistent with the shoe bar code (NIKE is US UK EUR CM that is the United States code English code in the day code ADIDAS is UK US FR JP (English, American, medium, Japanese). Pay attention to the color of shoes,LOGO, LOGO and some details are consistent with the genuine, the color of fake shoes is difficult to be consistent with the genuine, and the logo will have some differences, the details of the general fake shoes are difficult to imitate; The above three points are the basic identification method summed up by the younger brother in the work, if there is a better younger brother will be the first time to publish. In fact, the clothing industry is the same, but the clothing should pay more attention to the details and the washing label in the clothing should be consistent with the tag!