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How to divide a2 milk powder segment number

2018-03-16 08:00:19

Generally, milk powder is divided into four segments, according to the child's growth and physical condition, the child's need for nutrients in each growth stage is not the same, so milk powder is also according to the child's growth stage


0-6 months of babies, the digestive system is very weak, and they will not and can not eat a variety of other substances other than milk, but the baby needs to supplement a variety of nutrients and antibodies, so a period of milk powder is prepared for 0-6 months of babies, it contains a variety of comprehensive nutrition, so a period of milk powder is often the highest price


Children aged 6-12 months can already start to add complementary foods, but because their digestive system is weak, and when the baby also needs to start using its own immune system to fight off diseases, often the second stage milk powder is formulated for this period, suitable for children aged 6-12 months


12-36 months of children, the digestive system gradually improved, gradually mature, at this time is also the child to learn to eat by themselves, slowly transition to adult diet, most of the food can be eaten, but after all, is a young child, a small amount of food, and may not be so obediently eat, if he relies on his own, it is difficult to ensure the balance of various nutrients, Therefore, the three-stage milk powder is formulated according to this stage, which is suitable for children aged 12-36 months


3-6 years old children are in early childhood, all kinds of food can be eaten, and the digestive system is mature at this time, but the growth and development of children at this stage is fast, may rely on the usual diet, which will lead to the lack of calcium, iron, zinc or other elements, four-stage milk powder is formulated according to the children at this time, then mothers can according to the actual situation, Choose whether or not to give your child milk powder


Although the division of milk powder is divided according to the different stages of the baby, but this is not absolute, mothers can choose the right number of paragraphs according to the needs of the child, not necessarily to judge and determine the age, suitable is the most important


If you can breastfeed, try your best to choose breast milk, after all, breast milk is the best food for your baby, milk powder has a single taste, while breast milk has a different taste, if the baby catches a cold or other problems, by stimulating the breast, the milk may also produce response antibodies to help the baby fight the disease. Milk powder can't do that