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How to do a good second kill

2018-03-14 19:12:27

Second kill, as a large traffic entrance for major platforms, has become a battleground for soldiers. But many businesses have finally got on the second kill activity, fought for the position, but the popularity is not enough, can not sell at all, so how to do a good second kill


1, selection: This is the most important thing to the success of the second kill. Must be hot, emergency, advantageous products.


2, pricing: The price must have an advantage, what is the second kill? It's seconds! Rob it! If your price is always the same, why should anyone? So pricing: must be lower than usual, must have an advantage over other similar types


3, Optimize the product: product title, product picture, product subtitle, product details page, these are the key to conversion


4, the promotion: Shop home page must highlight their second kill products, and forecast


5. Notice of self-promotion channels: including their own public accounts, communities, and so on


6, monitor the progress and transformation of the second kill: timely adjustment (note: the general second kill activities are not allowed to change the information) to see whether it is necessary to publicize in the old customer service channels, this channel conversion will be relatively high.


7, once again must be clear about the purpose of the second kill, do a good job of the transformation of the corresponding products