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How to do muscle fasting

2018-03-19 08:00:00

Teach you how to fast seven days a week, you can also have milk muscle


On the first day, wash your face with warm water in the morning and evening, skin care products and cosmetics can not be used, and the face will feel very oily and dirty at the beginning, which is a normal psychological reaction. The next day, only water, milk, serum, can not use nutrient-rich toner, eye cream can not stop oh.


On the third day, only toner and eye cream can be used, the eye skin is fragile, need daily care, other skin care products can not be used. On the fourth day, focus on hydration, don't forget the eye cream, water can be used for wet compress better.


On the fifth day, this is the time to lock in the water with lotion, lotion with moisturizing is enough. On the sixth day, you can add essence to massage, and select the essence suitable for your skin type.


On the seventh day, you can add facial cleanser (you can't use facial cleanser for the first six days), and then return to the previous skin care steps, you will find that the absorption of skin care is super fast.

Matters needing attention

Muscle fasting may have different effects depending on your skin type


You can't stop taking care of your eyes