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How to do the audio and lighting work well

2018-04-10 03:12:20

In the performance activities, we can see that some specialized tuners and lighting engineers have been posing as professional technicians for a while, and have learned a lot from them. Although Xiaobian is just a simple study and on-site operation, there are still a lot of experiences I hope to share with you


Mixing console and various audio equipment


Lighting control equipment




Attitude to do a thing if you do not have a correct attitude it is difficult to do things well in the tuning and lighting control this is even more so if you and Xiaobian are beginners must not understand to ask correct attitude carefully learning and operation but also as much as possible to do the field and the next homework contact more relevant knowledge


Communication We need to do our job seriously. Not only that, we also need to communicate with people in other positions. The audio and lighting control should be communicated in detail with the relevant person in charge of the performance to confirm the control time point and relevant tips, otherwise it is easy to have problems. There is also a note for the use of some equipment to explain in advance with the actor or person in charge to avoid equipment damage due to the reasons on the stage


Familiar with these two jobs are from the beginning to the end of the performance, often have to prepare in advance, so we especially as beginners must be as familiar as possible with the site will use the equipment and consult with the master some common problems of the solution


This information is taken from experience without authorization


Audio preparation If we were using a laptop as the audio input, Be sure to listen to all the audio once or even several times to make sure that you have a good idea of how to make a separate playlist of the audio that you use and classify it in a separate file and put a shortcut on your desktop so that if there is a problem, you can quickly find it and use as high quality audio files as possible so that the effect is better on the scene


The cooperation of lighting and music control sometimes requires the nearly synchronous operation of music playback and lighting control. The signal that starts at the same time can be agreed several times in advance on the scene to facilitate the work of both sides. Also, the two sides on the scene must carry out timely and rapid communication to strengthen cooperation


Practice as a small series of this first contact of the novice will inevitably be nervous and even make mistakes when the actual application, so we must practice more before the formal performance to seize every opportunity to practice and consult seniors in the rehearsal once found the problem in time to correct and remind themselves to be careful of similar mistakes in the formal performance


Sometimes due to some external reasons, we can not be very clear about the details of the equipment and the show. At this time, we need to consult the personnel who have participated in the relevant activities on the one hand. On the other hand, we also need to prepare for the real-time call on the spot. The main equipment can use the walkie-talkie or as long as it is timely The timely interaction of the backstage staff can reduce the possibility of our mistakes

Matters needing attention

Do not panic when mistakes occur on the scene to remind yourself to calmly deal with all problems!


In terms of tuning and lighting Xiaobian is still if you have good suggestions and methods, please feel free to advise!


Experience pictures from the Internet!


Experience department Xiaobian based on life experience creation is completed, if you have a better way, please do not hesitate to advise!