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How to draw the most beautiful face

2018-03-16 11:12:00

In the beauty age of nude makeup, natural, clear and visually effective makeup is the most popular. In order to highlight the eye makeup, the eyebrows must be light, the curvature of the eyelashes and the overall sense of the eyebrows are the most important, the root of the eyelashes should be gentle, starting from the middle of the eyelashes to gradually bend up the ideal arc of 40°, do not cover the premise of the double eyelid, the length of the eyelashes should be calculated from the upper eyelid about 3mm, will make the ratio of eyebrows and eyelashes more perfect. The light eyebrow shape sets off the electric charm of the eyes, so that the eyes become the real protagonist, will not dominate, but also highlight the most perfect proportion. The natural curvature of the eyebrow shape makes the eyes look very friendly and rounded. Delicate thick and thin outline, instantly enlarge the eyes, eyes look very rich charm and brilliance. Even fluffy eyebrows, so that the eyelashes look rooted, thick and curly. If you want to have the golden ratio, you need to be precise in every step. Untrimmed eyebrows look more disorganized, of varying lengths, and very uneven and shapeless. First we need to trim the eyebrows and make a general outline. Brush your eyebrows from top to bottom with a circular brush, and use eyebrow scissors to cut long eyebrows short. Make all eyebrows look the same length and keep them consistent. Clear edge length Repair, to have a clear eyebrow shape edge line. Use an eyebrow knife to trim the hair outside the eyebrow shape and make the eyebrows "clean". Be sure to control the length, maintain a consistent length, having a smooth brow edge line is key. You can fix it. You don't have to do it all at once. Can not see the edge of the line, you can use the eyebrow tool to make a mark. Outline eyebrow shape Trim the rough eyebrow outline, but also specific to give a clear shape, describe the precise and detailed eyebrow shape, is the key to complete natural eyebrow makeup. When choosing eyebrow powder, refer to the color of the hair, and use eyebrow powder that is one degree lighter than the hair color to outline the overall shape of the eyebrow from the middle of the eyebrow. To describe the natural and smooth line of the eyebrow edge, the thickness should be moderate, not too thick powder, light layer can be. The overall brow shape has gradually emerged in outline and is almost complete, but the color of the eyebrow part and the color of the brow are not integrated enough. After drawing the overall eyebrow shape, transition the color of the brow from outside to inside, without dipping in eyebrow powder, directly and gently sweeping it, so that the color on both sides of the eyebrows is the most natural. The edge of the eyebrow is not clear enough, so use an eyebrow pencil or no brush to give it a clear line, so that the eye is more clean. Use the same eyebrow color as the hair color to outline the lower edge of the eyebrow shape and increase the three-dimensional eyebrow. Make eyebrows look more delicate and delicate. Many people's eyebrows are not uniform enough, most of them are different from the left and right, or the eyebrows are incomplete, sparse and uneven, or, when the eyebrows are accidentally repaired. Do not worry about this, if you have eyebrow deformity, you can use an easy-to-color eyebrow pencil to trace the hair step by step. Be careful and durable enough to create a natural sag of the false eyebrows. The shape of the eyebrows can modify the eye contour, and the color of the eyebrows infects the temperament and effect of the real makeup. Eyebrow coloring is an important process, and if you have colored hair, change the color of your eyebrows accordingly. Apply eyebrow dye, first in reverse, then in the direction of hair growth. The natural clear eyebrow shape of the deep eyebrows lacks a little three-dimensional sense, and the outline is not deep enough, then the day after tomorrow to transform it. Choose a clean shadow brush from the brow down to the color of the brow, brush to the position on both sides of the nose root, create a natural nose shadow. Make the eyes look more three-dimensional and deep. The most Match eyelashes natural curling eyelashes, root and root clear, like a fan slowly open the general. Perfectly proportioned eyebrows bring out the charm of the eyes. The curvature of the eyelashes and the overall sense of the eyebrows echo each other, the gentle root of the eyelashes gradually extend outward, and the exquisite bloom presents an ideal curvature of 40°, which does not cover the double eyelids, and the length of the eyelashes maintains a perfect gap of 3mm from the upper eyelid, making the eyes look more lively.