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How to dress for a beach wedding?

2018-03-18 06:24:00

Many friends choose to have their wedding at the seaside, which is a very romantic place. Holding a wedding or taking wedding photos by the sea is a great choice! Those who like the sun and the beach may wish to have their wedding at the beach in the spring!


Friends living in the city, can be very convenient to do a seaside wedding. On the thin beach, blowing the breeze, feel the sunshine and romance! In April or May, a romantic and simple wedding by the sea is perfect!


Hold a wedding at the beach, don't wear dark clothes, it will be very hot! Like the one in the picture above, it's better to opt for lighter colors! A light khaki color that does not absorb light but is gentle! And the beach color is very similar, with a soft romantic!


The groom's outfit looks a little dreamy and small. Meat pink small bow tie, giving a very gentle feeling! Put the table on the beach, embellished with flowers, looks very dreamy! And the small thatched pavilion beside the dining table is also very natural!


Wedding follow-up, there are no formal limitations. The scenes filmed are generally aesthetically oriented and strive for more intimate performance. Foreign wedding scenes are more open, more intimate, and can make people feel the sweet attraction between the bride and groom.


The bridesmaids at the wedding, are wearing light pink dresses, are boob style, different lengths, but are very romantic! The bride's wedding shoes, choose lace-up style, fish mouth open design, romantic and cool! The wedding at the beach, follow the photo will be more romantic!