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How to dress for riding

2018-02-24 11:12:00

Riding dress


It is not suitable to wear hiking shoes, travel shoes and other shoes with special anti-slip function. Once you fall off the horse, the most dangerous thing is that the foot can not take off the pedal, wear shoes with anti-slip function, often make the foot can not take off the pedal, should wear high riding boots with heels and smooth soles. Similarly, riding should not wear glasses with metal edges, in case the horse will cause great harm to people.


Wear a helmet when riding. Running on horseback is a very dangerous thing, and the helmet can play an effective protective role in the critical moment.


Horse riding should wear fabrics more soft and tight pants, it is best to wear gloves, leg warmers and other protective tools.


Female compatriots do not wear hair clips on the head, if you do not wear a helmet, hair clips are easy to scratch the head.