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How to enter the child's heart?

2018-03-31 03:12:45

Every parent wants to have an obedient and sensible child who does not let people worry about, but look at their own bear children, how can not let people worry, just said to let him do this, the result turned around, he began to do it. Sometimes really speechless, you want to hit him, watching him blink innocent big eyes, really can't do it, really do not know what the child's heart is thinking? If you can walk into the child's heart, I think you should be able to communicate with the child.


Understand the child's world Understand the child's world, the child's world is actually different from the adult's world, the child's world is not in any case 1+1 is always equal to 2. Therefore, know that the world of the child is the simplest, simplest, purest world.


Do not always feel that your child bear, it is because you do not have a correct understanding of the child, in fact, the child also wants to do a good job, the child also wants to let mom and dad praise them for doing well, but also want to see mom and dad happy, rather than Shouting at him.


Children need friends. Due to the current pressure, although the second child is open, there are still many families with only one child. Therefore, the child is lonely, he needs a friend to accompany him and share his happiness and happiness, his joy and sadness with him.


Respect the idea of the child respect the idea of the child is very important, many parents think that the child is so small, there is an idea of what, what things to help the child decide to do, do not care about the idea of the child, do not respect the idea of the child, this is not right, the child will have their own thinking and ideas after sensible, as a parent to respect the idea of the child.


Stand in the child's point of view to think about the problem a lot of times, see the children do those things really angry, perhaps in the parents to do those things is not obedient, but have you asked why the child will do it, if you ask you will know that the result is not the same as you think, the child has its own reasons to do that, Many times this reason is to be obedient, in order to make parents satisfied.


As a parent to the child's accusations to think twice before you act ah, because, a lot of things are very harmful to the child, I remember my baby said to me, mother do not you how to me, I am the same love you, even if you do not want me.

Matters needing attention

Please cherish every child and value their ideas.