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How to evaluate the quality of a two-dimensional image measuring instrument

2018-04-12 19:12:57

In the high precision image inspection industry, image measuring instrument has always been one of the most important inspection tools, it provides accurate data and parameters for the precision measurement of the workpiece, and is widely used in industrial production. However, due to the market, the production of quadratic image measuring instrument as many as cow hair, it is inevitable that there will be some poor quality products, which will affect the detection results. So, how do we choose a quality image measuring instrument? Some enterprises or individuals in the choice of quadratic image measuring instrument, because the price is cheap, and choose the poor quality of the machine, the result in the use of the process, often appear a variety of problems, affecting the production process of the enterprise, and even produce a large number of unqualified products, damage to the economic benefits of the enterprise. How to choose a good quality quadratic image measuring instrument? Here we will share with you the experience in this regard, I hope to help you. When identifying the quality of the quadratic image measuring instrument, we can carry out it from the following three aspects: 1) The first thing to see is whether the image of the instrument is clear, and whether the black and white junction is clear. 2) Use your hand to do a little vibration action next to the machine to see how much the grating ruler data of the instrument will be, the larger the data to run to the worse, the good instrument will return to the original starting point data after a small vibration. 3) Finally, we must see the repeatability of the instrument is not good, which is one of the keys to determine the quality of this precision instrument, friends in the selection of purchase must require the seller to measure the size of the same product parts many times, but also use different methods to measure, see the final data results difference. Good quality instruments, data repeatability must be good, if the quality is not good, 100 measurements may have 100 different data. In summary, it is only a part of the factors that we identify the quality of the image measuring instrument, and there are other factors that can provide a basis for us to distinguish the quality of the image measuring instrument.