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How to feed and train a golden retriever

2018-03-29 14:24:01

Golden retriever How to feed and groom, Golden retriever is a modern and very popular dog breed, is a single hound, it is one of the most common domestic dogs, because it is easy to raise, patient and does not require much from the owner, as long as regular exercise, food and veterinary check-ups can be. Golden Retriever is unique in its pleasing character, is a symmetrical, powerful, lively dog breed, characterized by stability, all parts of the body match reasonable, legs are not too long and not clumsy, friendly expression, personality warm, alert, confident and not afraid of life. The golden retriever was originally a retriever. Now mostly as guide dogs and pet dogs. The Golden Retriever ranks fourth on the dog intelligence list. Very kind to children or babies.


Dog food, dog bowl, toys, garbage bags, leash, bottles, balls


The dog is generally very happy to see the food, rushed to eat the basin, you want to control its eating speed and food, you can pour a small amount of dog food into the basin, several times to feed him, so that its digestion is good


Play Golden Retrievers especially like to live and play with their owners, golden retrievers are retrievers. Good at picking up items with teeth, you can take a toy for it to pick up, slowly give him slippers, remote control and other designated things,


Sajiao usually involves drooping eyelids, squinting eyes, furrowing brows, opening the corners of the mouth and putting out the tongue, wagging the tail from side to side, or snuggling next to the host, reclining, and sometimes lunging at you with PAWS on you


Bored golden retriever will sometimes lie flat on the ground when bored, and sometimes he will chase his own tail to play. A baby is curious about anything he hasn't seen before, and it's very destructive.


Teach the dog to make a mistake can scold, play, but to the right amount, play more it will become timid, will always be afraid of you


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Matters needing attention

Keeping pets requires attention to hygiene


Don't let your dog eat strange food on the floor