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How to go shopping at the mall

2018-02-21 09:36:00

Due to its special geographical location and historical background, it has always been a gathering place for wealthy foreigners in modern history. A variety of high-end imported goods are readily available, and local products have always been famous for their novel styles and excellent workmanship. Therefore, "shopping" has become an indispensable activity to travel.


Road: Whether to shop or not, the road is a street that foreign tourists must visit. From the time-honored shops on the East Road to the high-end department stores on the West Road, it is like walking into the museum of evolution from history to modern times.


Huaihai Road: Famous and exclusive gathering, here you can see the forefront of fashion, walking on the road of young men and women let you feel that into a living "world fashion garden".


North Road: This civilian commercial street is not only rich in variety of commodities, but also inexpensive, has always been the favorite of ordinary people. Xujiahui business District: not only gathers many large shopping malls, but also has the girl's favorite fashion, is a must choose to search popular clothing.


Yu Garden: If you want to buy some inexpensive small gifts to your friends and relatives, go to Yu Garden and City God Temple with strong ethnic characteristics, you will have unexpected harvest.

Matters needing attention

In the shopping subway is both convenient and quick and can do all the transportation: Line 1 along the South Road station is located in the essence of Huaihai Road, Xujiahui station is full of popularity of the subway, Line 2 of the middle Road station, one station, Si station string the road past and present, the two subway intersection of People's Square station Di Mei, Hong Kong famous street has long been famous, Hua Sheng Street has gradually become a climate.


Shopping malls are generally open from 9:00-21:00 or 10:00-22:00, weekends and holidays are appropriate, with some exceptions.


Someone before the mall to send small goods, do not have to take over, so as not to entanglement.


There are amazing discounts in major shopping malls, which is a good time to shop, but also pay attention to whether the goods are outdated or have quality problems, whether the price has moisture, and whether the promotion has traps, etc., and don't regret it when you return home.


In some commercial buildings, the "three-color" price tag system is implemented: blue - clear code label; Yellow - price tag; Red - Bargaining tag.