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How to grasp the best time to visit the Humble Administrator's Garden

2018-03-15 17:36:16

Humble Administrator's Garden is located in 178 Northeast Street, covers an area of 52,000 square meters, the whole garden is divided into east, middle, west and residential four parts. The house is a typical residential house, now arranged as a garden museum exhibition hall.

Local climate

Located in the north subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, it is warm, wet and rainy, with obvious monsoon, four distinct seasons, long winter and summer, short spring and autumn. The average frost-free period lasts 233 days a year. Due to differences in terrain and latitude, various unique microclimates are formed within the territory. END

Best time to travel

Spring, summer and autumn are suitable for play, when the climate is warm and pleasant, and the scenery is beautiful. The temperature difference between day and night in winter is large, some crops in the garden are depressed, and those with weak physique should remember to do a good job of warm work if they want to travel.


Avoid the peak holiday season, when transportation and accommodation are very tight

Matters needing attention

There are more green vegetation in the garden, and the contrast of flowers in other colors is relatively large, so the lens should be selected for good imaging and high resolution shooting. So it is recommended that you use a SLR camera to shoot.


When you go to the garden to shoot, you must pay attention to the cross of light and shadow and the flash light when the backlight is in time. It is recommended that friends who really like the garden should wait for less people to go again, and you can shoot good works in a quiet environment.