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How to identify LV bags

2018-03-22 20:49:00

Compared with international luxury brands such as LV, Prada or Dior, luxury goods are the easiest to think of. In the concept of Chinese consumers, they are the symbols of luxury goods, representing a person's identity, taste and wealth. However, for international luxury goods, the most unacceptable products are counterfeits and copycats. How should we distinguish the authenticity of these international luxury goods? Today I would like to share with you the tips to identify the true and fake LV bags. To identify the true and false LV bags, we can start from the material, texture, smell, number and other aspects of the bag:


The first trick to identify LV bags: look at the material of the new light leather lv bags is very good, it looks very high-grade, and it will feel very real to touch, but fake or counterfeit light leather lv bags are made of plastic, so softer, you can know the true and false with your hand.


Distinguish lv bag second method: touch the pattern to see whether a person is spoiled We can see her hand pattern, then see the love bag true or false we can also start from the pattern, love lv friends know that lv printing is made of special canvas and fire resistant and anti-scratch substances, so the surface of the pattern line is particularly obvious. The pattern of the fake lv bag is weak, and the surface is smooth and the reflection is large.


Each lv product has its own unique smell, people who often buy lv exclusive bags must be very familiar with the taste of this bag, so when buying lv women's bags online or other channels, you can vigorously smell the taste of this bag during the inspection to see if there is a unique cowboy skin smell of lv products. The fake lv, on the other hand, has a slightly weaker denim flavor.


The fourth way to identify lv bags: As we all know, every bag must have a number, just like every resident will have an ID card, unique, the number of each bag is their ID card, so we must pay attention to look at the number when we buy, LV bag will be a small inner bag with a piece of leather, marked with the unique number of the real LV bag, Moreover, LV bags are marked and numbered with real leather, with natural texture, but LV basically has no numbering. When you learn how to distinguish the true and false lv bags, then you don't have to bother so much to buy lv bags abroad or go to the counter to buy, there can be N kinds of purchase channels, and the price will be much cheaper.