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How to improve memory through training

2018-03-13 04:49:00

Having a good memory tends to affect our development. People with a good memory tend to have good development in life and learning. So, is memory really innate? No, memory can be trained, Xiaobian will introduce a few simple methods to help you provide memory O(∩_∩)O~~


By encoding a memory like a pencil, like a duck, and so on, and then turning a word or number into a vivid story, we'll be surprised at how much we stick to it.


Memory by mind map: When we remember some knowledge, we may wish to summarize and classify their rules and then draw a mind map, which can also help us remember well.


Improve memory through exercise: Proper participation in aerobic exercise can enhance our brain's vitality and improve memory, so more exercise can also improve our memory


With simple training: we can try dozens of methods described in the book Hippocampal Memory Training, such as touching coins with our eyes closed, looking at pictures of fish and drinking coffee.


Improve memory through music: Listening to some of Mozart's music is said to improve academic performance, but this has yet to be confirmed. However, some people study that listening to baroque music can help us remember things, so we might as well play some baroque music to improve our memory when we want to memorize knowledge


Improve memory through diet: eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less greasy foods. For example, foods containing acetylcholine and lecithin (buds, peanuts, eggs, whole wheat flour, rice, thin-shell pecans, etc.) should be eaten more.

Matters needing attention

As long as we insist, I believe that everyone's memory will improve