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How to improve the access speed of the virtual host

2018-03-22 11:12:25

Many webmasters and users, for the virtual host is not very understanding, once there is a problem will blame all the problems on the service provider, so it will lead to users and service providers directly generated the misunderstanding that should not exist, resulting in both sides will lose a certain amount of benefits, so the author here analyzes the virtual host ten common problems, Hope to help the virtual host users to use the virtual host easily and happily.


Existing virtual host


HostEase virtual host (hereinafter referred to as HE) has received a lot of attention since entering the market, and has been rated as the dark horse in virtual host by external evaluation institutions for many times. Today, in order to expand market share, HE has strongly launched independent hosts and continues to strengthen its brand. Recently Xiaobian also carefully studied the virtual server, because of our line problems can not access overseas virtual host products, and Netcom and so on the line is perfect, most of the time we use the line is still relatively stable, may, mobile and so on unstable, this also includes all other overseas virtual host products. So can we improve the speed of) through our own choices? Host Detective Editor has listed 5 ways to help you increase the speed of his host.


First, choose the right data room. We all know that in the HE computer room, we can choose the four data of Europe, Hong Kong, India and the United States, so we must make a judgment when buying. Most of our Chinese and English websites will choose the United States data, if we have for European users will consider may choose Europe, but generally choose the United States is better, after all, general.


Second, the choice of website program theme. Nowadays, most of us build websites using free and open source CMS programs, WORDPRESS, etc. We only need to build a program, and then choose a favorite theme can be called their own website. Many CMS programs will take up a lot of bandwidth and line bandwidth before optimizing performance. The default WORDPRESS application is well known, and we need to optimize it by using pseudo-static, caching plug-ins, and prohibiting some unnecessary scripts. What's more, when we choose the WORDPRESS theme, we try to be simple, our line is too wide than the United States, when we choose overseas business themes, we will see that we call a lot of JS external files, and even some external file websites are slow to open. Even if we use, need to make these files localized, it is best to choose and use a simple theme, we look at the big front end and other themes, the same WP kernel, open very fast.


This page is based on experience


Fourth, the network line problem. If it is the overall network problem that we have no way, most of the time is still good, if we are the webmaster, it is recommended to install conventional line broadband, so that the speed is relatively stable and guaranteed, can improve the efficiency of our station. Most of the time, mobile lines are slow, and this is mainly a problem with our own operators, not web hosts, who try to meet most of the needs.


Fifth, the development and selection trend of the website. As our website continues to grow, we need to have a larger, better host to maintain the operation of the website, we may choose web hosting products to build the website at the beginning, the later site traffic increases, the web host can not meet the demand, the speed will slow down, we need to choose VPS or server to store.

Matters needing attention

Preferred US data web hosting, international common


Back up your website regularly.