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How to increase group activity? How to improve the optimization group ranking?

2018-03-25 17:36:05

The rules of group ranking and SEO ranking rules are actually somewhat similar, so that the group has ranking as long as it follows the rules of this platform to do it. This article introduces how to improve group ranking from the perspective of improving group activity.


Group of


The group validation Settings are public. The level of activity affects our group ranking by default, and if the group's pass rate is too low, it will reduce the group ranking, which is the only direct and clear public rule of Tencent. Direct prohibition of joining will definitely cause the group activity to decrease, and even block and post. Therefore, the group is set to public join without verification, which will improve the group ranking.


Allow group members to speak. Group bans can also lead to lower group activity and lower group rank. Encourage people to speak up in groups to increase their activity.


The old group is more stable. The old group is easier to rank than the new group, because the old group is stable and durable, even if the whole group is banned, it will not fall into the ranking, so many pension groups are the right way.


Brush more password red packets. This is a very good way to improve the group row activity, send password red envelopes, everyone will actively grab red envelopes, the number of participants, the activity will be improved. Of course, the amount of red envelopes can not be set too large, after all, every day to send, you can set a few minutes per person.


Group members are encouraged to check in daily. Group check-in is similar to punching in at work, which means that you have been to the group today. Check-in can not only liven up the atmosphere of the group, but also increase the communication between the members of the group, and the activeness will go up for a long time.


Allow group members to publish information appropriately. The new group has just been established, the early opening for others to come in, give others the opportunity to publish information, improve the group activity and stability is the first important. But to maintain a degree, limit the number of times to avoid brushing the screen, in order to avoid being rejected by other members and leave the group.