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How to install the fall of Quint's throne

2018-03-27 11:12:58

How will the fall of Quint's throne be installed? Take a look at the following experience!


First of all, we search for gwent inside, and there are two official websites of the Wizard of Quint, one is the English official website, and the other is the Chinese official website.


Then we open the Chinese official website, click on the official page above the right below the character to download the game.


Then, in your disk, find the file you just downloaded and double-click it to open it.


Next, select the hard drive and install the Wizard's Quint starter.


The next step is to register or log in to your account.


Next, once inside, as long as you successfully log in, you can choose to install the Wizard Quint card


The next thing is that you need to play a long beginner tutorial, after the completion of the beginner tutorial, you can begin to install the fall of the throne


Finally, after the novice, there is a card in it, that is, the fall of the throne, click to install.

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