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How to join 93 Society

2018-03-14 06:24:02

Procedures for joining 93 Society


Open the official website of the Jiusan Society and study the Constitution of the Jiusan Society and the "Several Provisions of the Central Committee of the Jiusan Society on Strengthening Organizational Construction" adopted on May 12, 2005 to understand the nature of the Jiusan Society and the conditions for joining the Jiusan Society.


Open the Jiusan Xueshe City Committee to understand the organizational development of the city in detail, and make sure that there are no grass-roots organizations in their own region.


Fill in the application form and make a resume.


Apply to the local grass-roots organization of Jiusan Society for membership, and ask for the recommendation of 2 introducers.


After the grass-roots organization understands the basic situation of the applicant and meets the basic conditions for joining the club, it begins training and education (generally for 6 months); At the same time, it is investigated.


The grass-roots organization shall report the relevant information to the Jiusan Xueshe Municipal Committee after the applicant passes the inspection and is approved by the general assembly of members at the same level or the expanded meeting of members.


After the approval and filing by the municipal Committee of the Jiusan Society, he became a member of the Jiusan Society.