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How to judge the sex of the baby

2018-03-20 16:00:02

1. The Qing Palace table is calculated as a female treasure, so it is not very accurate; 2. Pregnancy nearly three months pregnancy reaction began, not a lot of vomiting, but very disgusting, see meat and fish always love retching, morning and evening reaction is more severe, like sour and sweet food, the reaction period is over for a month; 3. Early pregnancy, more than 50 days pregnant, the previous pants can not be worn, but the more back the belly shape is generally speculated that the male treasure's belly shape, the lower belly, and relatively sharp, the belly button does not bulge out, the middle of the belly line is relatively clear, the belly button is thin but left, the belly button is thick and straight, and some B-shaped belly; 4. The face does not grow anything, the skin seems to be smoother, and the skin on the body does not change much (the husband has been judging that I am pregnant with female treasure, did not expect to make a dogmatic mistake, hehe)5. Body shape to six months or so did not change much, but the belly is big, from the back can not see the pregnancy, so far there is no edema; 6. The baby move is relatively early, about 15 weeks began to feel fetal movement, the more it moved back, the whole small rebel, kicking very strong, before the kick was a place to move in the belly, and now the whole belly can be shaken by his kick, the early pregnancy movement is more on the left, five months later there is no rule, around and in the middle will move, Sometimes I would put a big bag on one side of my stomach, I would gently caresses and comfort him, the big bag would go down soon, now about six months like to put on my belly, belly often swollen and hard, sometimes like a snake in the belly twisting, in short, very dishonest; 7. Have done the method of online teaching, the right thumb and index finger hold a needle through the thread, if the needle in the following ring is a boy, left and right is a girl, wild spirit, my right hand has been holding the ring, for the left hand is swinging around, very strange. 8. According to B-ultrasound data, the value of the baby's double apex diameter is greater than the value of the femur length, which is generally a boy, because it indicates that the baby's head is larger, which is true for me; 9. About the baby's heart rate, the baby's birth check until more than six months, the heart rate has been about 153, the early pregnancy is faster 165, followed by more than 150, it can be seen that the heart rate of more than 145 is generally a female treasure, and the heart rate is slow for the male treasure to judge the baby's gender is not very accurate; 10. There is a, do the birth test B timeout, the baby most of the time like to face outside, that is, and my face a direction, and like lying in the chair, four stretched, ha ha, so small feet and small fists always toward my belly practice kung fu.