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How to learn brake light related circuit diagram?

2018-04-24 19:12:17

Car electrical appliances up, want to fix the circuit, you will see the circuit diagram, here is how to see the car brake light circuit.


Circuit manual


Brake light. That is, the brake light, there are three light bulbs in this circuit, left, right sides and the middle of each one, when the owner of the brake, the light will be lit.


Brake light switch. Some switches have two wires, and complex ones have four wires. One way to power the lights, the other way to power the modules.


Power supply insurance. There are two insurances on the brake light line, one is controlled by the power supply, one is controlled by the ignition switch, and the insurance fuse will show different failures.


ABS module. When the owner steps on the brake, the ABS module will receive relevant signals to adjust the four-wheel brake distribution force, so as to ensure that the car can drive safely.


Engine control module. After the engine module receives the brake light signal, it will make corresponding adjustments in time, that is, disconnect the cruise speed, or realize the oil cut-off control.


Brake light circuit direction. When the switch is stepped on, the current starts from B, passes through the switch, reaches the light bulb, and then ground, the light bulb lights, alerting the car behind.

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