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How to learn dance well?

2018-03-22 22:24:57

Dance is the emotional expression of the human body, different dances also have different learning methods, but for beginners, always feel that dance is difficult to learn, can not grasp the key point, feel that their movements are not in place, which is why? I think dance is something that needs to be learned by heart, and it is something that needs skills. Here's how I do it.


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Dance moves. As a beginner, at the beginning must standardize the action, will not ask, even if you can not do the action on the spot, but also remember the main points of each action.


The basic movement should be in place, otherwise it is difficult to correct it later. If you can't learn, it is recommended to write down the action, and then think about it in your spare time, that is, repeat the action again and again in your mind, so that you can deepen the understanding of the action, but also remember the action more firmly, meditation can be carried out at any time, it will not take too much time, sometimes as long as a minute.


Watch more dance videos, do not tangle with the movement, move with the beat first, feel the rhythm, the sense of rhythm is strong, and then go to the main points of the movement, and then use meditation and practice to practice the dance several times.


Then there is the feeling that no matter what dance you do, you must think of yourself as a dancer. Watch more videos at the same time can also appreciate the feeling of dancing, feel up the action naturally will not be so stiff, when you already feel that you jump and the people on the video have almost the same feeling, it has almost got rid of the position of beginners.


Finally, of course, is to study hard and practice, this I do not say that everyone knows, again talented people, no sweat accumulation is difficult to become a big tool. Of course, hard practice should also pay attention to methods, and the above is some of the experiences of Xiaobian learning dance for many years, I hope to help you.

Matters needing attention

The method of learning dance is very important, with the method, learning anything is not afraid.