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How to learn English without foundation

2018-03-16 09:36:48

Now a lot of English education institutions are hot, but in fact, have you ever thought about self-study, in fact, if you have the heart, you may learn by yourself through a lot of reading materials and methods.






Zero basis represents what, is not at all, phonetic pronunciation will not, in fact, this kind of self-study is the easiest, you can go to education books to buy primary and secondary school English reading books or textbooks, and now the addition of CD pronunciation, teach you slowly to familiarize yourself with phonetic symbols and pronunciation, remember an expert said: "Skilled primary and secondary school English, in fact, you can communicate with foreigners simply."


If you simply want to speak, then you should also start from phonetic symbols and pronunciation practice, but you can choose more easy English spoken books, such a reading is the most suitable for oral zero foundation learning.


Now there are free English corners in many large parks, where there will be many retired English teachers to popularize English for those who love English of all ages, and to provide a place for people who love English to communicate, so zero Foundation can find a better start here.


Now the Internet is so developed, you can completely self-study English through the Internet, and now the Internet English zero basic learning is also a variety of, you can completely through their own basic bottom line to choose the right network textbooks for you, and also through the network chat way to get familiar with oral English.


If you think this is not very suitable for your requirements, then you can find a foreign student to share the object, the condition is that you can teach him Chinese, he teaches you spoken English, every day there is time to practice English, but also to help others why not?


Finally, a more difficult method, if you as a Chinese, think you are excellent, but have no English foundation, then why don't you look for an English speaking country of the opposite sex as a partner? The premise is that you have more personal charm in this area, so as your other half is providing you with an English environment every moment, do you think your zero foundation will still have it?

Matters needing attention

You should persevere in learning English. To give up halfway is to disrespect yourself.