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How to make a Japanese visa photo on a smart ID photo

2018-03-06 14:24:00

In order to take ID photos specially go to the photo studio, waste of money ~~~. Online photos of the software emerge in an endless stream, but the effect of the shot is unsatisfactory, the specifications are not professional, matting is not intelligent, and the beauty effect is extremely poor. Popularize a - smart document photo software, teach you to only take a good picture of the document.


Smart ID photo software


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Open the software, find the visa category, select Japan Visa (45*45, 35*45), click "Make Now" to enter the shooting page. Use the rear camera and invite friends to assist in shooting, ensuring that the portrait and the shooting assistant line are basically identical. When shooting, choose a wall with a simple background, avoid clothes with the same color as the background, and choose the right light source to avoid shadows.


After shooting, the software automatically rates the environment. If the score is higher and you are satisfied with the photo, click "Next" to enter "Replace background". The background can be changed and the desired background color can be selected.

Matters needing attention

When shooting, the portrait should be in the portrait frame as much as possible to avoid the clothing and the background of the same color