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How to make a picture of nine kingdoms

2018-04-05 22:24:06

When the maximum number of nine pictures, if just can spell into a big picture that visual effect is best, Xiaobian is still thinking about how to make it again, the results found that there is this function! Today Xiaobian will teach you how to divide the big picture you want to send into nine small pictures to be published in order.


Download and install "" successfully, open the interface as shown in the left picture below, and then click the menu bar" More Functions ".


Click to enter the following left picture interface, select "nine grid cut map".


After selection, enter the following left picture interface, select "Open a picture", and then select the large picture you want to spell in the pop-up dialog box.


After the selection, enter the following interface. You can select the shape and special effects of the nine palace grid in the left toolbar.


After the selection is complete, click "Save to local", the following right picture dialog box will pop up, you can choose "save a single large picture" or "save nine cut pictures", here we choose nine cut pictures ~


Choose the destination folder you want to save.


In this way, nine cut pictures are completed, and you can upload the pictures on the computer and send them in the circle of friends!

Matters needing attention

Nine Gong grid cutting through other drawing software can be completed, but small series found this shortcut only ~!


You can also save the big picture directly, and send a picture to have the effect of nine puzzles.