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How to make a romantic proposal

2018-01-09 04:48:00

Many men, after many selections, finally buy a satisfactory engagement ring, only to find that they do not know how to propose romantic enough? This time is the test of the man's time, from a proposal can see his intentions to your degree, men but to grasp oh, girls are more attention to details oh ~

Classic romantic choice

A bouquet of flowers and a diamond ring is also the simplest way to propose marriage, quietly book Lovis first, choose a good day for both parties, and then buy a bouquet of roses, and formally propose to her inadvertently. People who choose this way to propose marriage generally choose a relatively quiet environment. He will feel that the proposal is only between two people, as long as two people feel happy on the line, there is no need to disturb others, relatively low-key, but also touched thousands of girls!


Heart-shaped flowers and diamond rings not long ago, I also saw that people made hearts with roses, and then lit beautiful candles, also heart-shaped around the flowers, very beautiful, feeling very romantic! This kind of proposal is obviously relatively high profile, if the girl sees the beloved man do this for her, will it be very moved? This kind of proposal is more suitable for those more lively girls, after all, quiet girls generally do not like high-profile proposals. In addition to heart-shaped roses and candles, Lovis is also indispensable.


Fireworks and flowers diamond ring fireworks proposal only in the electrical drama have seen, after all, many places will be subject to varying degrees of restrictions, such as the general urban area can only go to the designated place to set off fireworks, however, if the seaside or park allows to set off fireworks to her beloved formal proposal, is it super romantic? But the price is relatively high, this way is not only between two people to propose, the people around you can also witness the happiness of your moment.


Proposing while sitting with a flower in a hanging basket outside a window requires a little bit of adventure on the part of men who are afraid of heights. However, men who propose in this way still need to be safe. As a girl, when the beloved man sits on the kind of basket prepared, and then slowly moves to their own window, boldly confess to yourself, how should it feel? The surprise was absolutely shocking!

Romantic engagement ring

Diamond is the purest and hardest material, is given to us by nature to symbolize the treasure of love. When most men choose a diamond engagement ring, they will consider its meaning, because the diamond ring is a gift to the girl who loves the love token. The most romantic engagement ring is the Lovis ring, each man needs to customize the real name system, meaning "in my name, crown your fingers; Be with you all your life." A lifetime together, is a man to the most sincere commitment. Only when you find the one and only she, you can send a Lovis, because this is a lifetime sacred agreement.

Romantic proposal lines

See you happy smile is my most happy thing, no matter now, in the past, in the future, I will be the same as now, I will love you as now, no matter what difficulties I encounter in the future, I will not leave you alone, with you in this period of time, I deeply feel, what is called happiness, what is called dependence, experienced so much, you are my favorite woman. Will you marry me?


I want to tell you, you are my only, the only only, now I have fallen in love with you, believe me, it will be a lifetime, not now or after marriage, what you say is not right or wrong, I listen to you, even if you quarrel later, you are right, even if you are wrong, I will think you are right. I believe, not now or later, my heart will have you a person, I love you a person! I love you forever and ever! Today formally propose to you, even if your word how vexatious, even if you in how to play a small temper I will tolerate you, understand you, let me accompany you to go a lifetime, until everlasting, until the sky is the old! Will you? Will you marry me?


The craziest thing in this life is to fall in love with you, and the greatest hope is to have you accompany me crazy for a lifetime. I want to share anything with you!


When you are unhappy, I will accompany you, when you cry, I will accompany you, when you are in a bad mood, I will accompany you, when you do not want to go home, no matter what, I will accompany you, just because you are my favorite person, you are my music, you bring me good notes. You are everything to me. You bring color to my life. I love you forever! Marry me, will you?


Hold the hand of the son, carry the old with the son. No reason, just for you, the long night to hold the hand, walk through the long road, the bumpy road to hold the hand, through the difficulties again and again, in all the roads to walk hand in hand with you, let the whole world become small.

Matters needing attention

Romantic proposal idea + romantic proposal ring + Romantic proposal words = Romantic proposal. A sacred, romantic proposal is every girl's biggest dream about love and happiness! No matter what form, be sure to let her feel your intentions, so that she can rest assured to give you the happiness of her life! Lovis witnesses true love in the world, and may all lovers in the world eventually become spouses