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How to make children happy to go to school

2018-03-27 17:36:45

About the child's first day of school, many people are still fresh in their memories, someone at the school gate is holding the child crying together, some people secretly look inside the child's classroom outside, all kinds of discomfort, all kinds of worry, are derived from our children in kindergarten, is crying. So how should we make our children happy to go to school?


Find a few familiar friends to go to school with, although it may be rare, but there are some, if you can go to school together, may make the child feel happy.


Distract the child's attention, let the child see the amusement facilities, let the child play more toys, do a good job of playing games, etc., let the child feel the fun of it.


There is a problem, that is, we don't put the child in the kindergarten because the child is crying, it is normal for the child to cry, but if you take the child away because of this, it will be more difficult to come back.


Kindergarten teachers are specially trained, in a sense, more professional than us, so we have to relax and put our children in kindergarten.


A few days before entering kindergarten, you can go to the kindergarten to play, so that children can better adapt to kindergarten.


Tell the child that the mother will do good food and wait for you at home, so that the child will feel that learning in the kindergarten is a must do thing, will accept this thing from the heart.

Matters needing attention

Early education is also a good transitional stage.