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How to make money

2018-01-05 14:24:00

There are a lot of different categories of making more money, and there are a lot of good points, and this would have been easier to do in the first few months and it would have been simpler and now it's going to be a little bit slow motion.




Part-time operation


It is a mobile terminal that can be operated to make money in several forms: 1. Open shop, upload products online operation to make money; 2. Register a personal account and get coupons or cash income through various sharing; 3. Plant fruit trees and harvest fruits in Duoduo orchards; 4. Get free gifts and items online through other means.


A lot of only become the main to earn more, more considerable income, small to earn only a few; The general shop operation mode is as follows: 1. Upload ordinary products and open the ordering function; 2. Participate in platform support activities according to platform characteristics; 3. Do some on-site promotion and free promotion to get more traffic.


Personal operations can be carried out from the following points: 1. Register multiple numbers and borrow multiple numbers appropriately; 2. Push and interact with each other online from time to time to obtain different benefits; 3. Create a group chat or circle to make money by interacting with friends online.


Many platform products are relatively low in price, some are relatively high in cost performance and some are not ideal, so it is not an individual or an enterprise must pay attention to the following rules: 1. Products to ensure quality and quantity; 2. Do pre-sales and after-sales service; 3. Do a good job of shop operation and promotion.


Platform is just a field, want to do it or do prominent achievements, benefits, characteristics, etc., need to operate through different convenience. 1. Pick the right people; 2. Pick the right team; 3. Pick the right product; 4. Pick the right service, etc.

Matters needing attention



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