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How to make wedding planning plan and process

2018-02-16 16:00:00

As an excellent wedding planner, the production of wedding planning plans and processes is bound to be familiar with, but many wedding planners have not been professional training, the production of wedding planning plans and processes are not very standardized, today I will give you to share how to make wedding planning plans and processes.


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We divide the wedding planning book into ceremony part and process part, and the ceremony part is divided into reception part and wedding scene part. The specific wedding planning process includes the whole day of the wedding arrangement, let's talk about the whole process of the wedding planning program, if you will not do the process, you can use the United States Hui Internet wedding planning book production tools, this is a template, you can make choices.


Now we come to a wedding planning of the whole process to arrange single: a wedding planning books, time: 20 x x x x month x day week in two, location: * x lounge of the hotel, the wedding ceremony scene) marriage room: * f * room three, the bridegroom bride x x x x x x x x bridesmaid * * best man wedding important personnel list: _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, four, the schedule and personnel division of labor: 5.17th wedding eve family gathering to discuss related matters to determine the division of labor to inform the wedding car personnel to arrive in advance 5.18th wedding day at noon to invite all guests and staff to lunch (×× hotel) and issue this process table to discuss and implement the specific work to each staff job responsibilities: Total ×××138×××83 is responsible for the overall command, coordination and guidance and confirms the overall coordination of all work according to the normal process: ××× is responsible for the overall on-site coordination, layout, reception work, responsible for the implementation of various work wedding layout: ××× is responsible for the wedding scene layout, arrange the operation of bubble machine and tracking light, and cooperate with the MC to complete the operation of projector and lighting (opening title). MC: ××× is responsible for presiding over the wedding ceremony, communicating with the wedding and wine to guide the work needed to cooperate with the wedding ceremony in a timely manner, to ensure that the ceremony is smooth and strive for perfection! Photographer: XXX professional camera is responsible for the entire shooting and DVD production with makeup division after marriage: XXX is responsible for the bride's full with makeup makeup vehicle scheduling in time: ××× is responsible for the whole process of vehicle command, coordination of goods delivery, new family pick-up and guest pick-up. Firecracker master: ××× is responsible for saluting, vice wedding car ribbon work, coordinating fireworks time and making up for other work. Owner: ××× Responsible for happiness candy, tobacco and alcohol drinks, posters and happiness characters, clothes, toys and gifts. Owner of wine: ××× is responsible for wine layout, coordination work and the owner of goods to coordinate the placement of tobacco and wine. Reception: XXX is responsible for the sway of the table, the guest's sitting distribution and late after guests empty seats fill a vacancy. Marry a car driver: 159 x x x x x x 18 new lang: 138 x x x x x x 10 with lang: x x x x x 186 x 69 with niang: on x x x x x (process) in detail on wedding day to get up to eat breakfast at 7:00 7: 30 Prepare items including items to be taken to the wine with the wedding car Wedding items: Happy characters, 2 posters, 20 balloons, fireworks (N), firecrackers (N hanging), a high-altitude salute, 2 cigarettes, 2 toasters, 6 empty bottles, Wang Lao Kit bottles, other drinks (cola Sprite orange juice each N) 1 box of mineral water, happy candy, peanuts, disposable cups 4 cans, tea, fruit, peanuts, sunflower seeds, bridal snacks, decorations, flowers (flowers, flowers, flowers in the room) Corsage, bouquet, wrist flower, etc.), gift bag (pen, lighter, several matches), wedding ring (bridesmaids guarantee). All day family preparations: dress neatly in the morning, staff (relatives and friends) arrive at the time, prepare the above wedding needed items, blow balloons (for games), paste indoor and outdoor happy characters (place cards, prepare candy, return gifts, arrange new house items, game gifts, prepare lunch, receive friends and relatives, send guests, after-dinner inventory, etc.) XXX from vice car (dad) confirm arrival time reservation: at 9:00 take marriage room key ready ahead of ribbon (the groom) the groom to take the room key wine marriage room key with the bridesmaid assigned to the first students receive rest of the class 9: 00 With the makeup artist in place for the bride makeup and do a good job of communication. 9:30 wedding car (groom) The groom starts the wedding car driver, best man confirmed departure for Shengzhou Flower Name: ××× × Address: ××× × Street ××× No. 137×××83 Person in charge: ××× × 10:00 wedding car decoration (groom) Wedding car arrived flower decoration Note: flowers provided to the best man: bouquet: 1 bunch, corsage: 8, wrist flower: 1 11:00 wedding car return (groom) The groom and the main wedding car from the flower to Shengzhou hotel to arrange lunch 11:00 lunch (all guests present) Location: ×× hotel to drink the groom and bride promptly inform the guests lunch time location 12: 50 Return (groom, dad) the groom arranges vehicles to send the relevant personnel to the bride's home other guests back to the hotel to rest 13:30 the wedding car arrived (firecracker master, item master) confirm the wedding car arrived at the bride's home firecracker master to tie a ribbon while preparing firecrackers, red fireworks implementation of the setting off personnel at the same time the item master arranges personnel to move the required items on the wedding car 13: 30 The wedding car arrives (groom) The groom arrives at the bride's home with the wedding car The groom enters the room to pick up the bride and wear the required flowers (bride, parents) 14:00 go out (groom) The groom and the bride go out on the wedding car and set off fireworks at the same time (makeup artists follow) 14: 20 Arrive at the hotel (groom) Wedding car according to the established route to ×× hotel items with the couple into the wedding house


Wedding ceremony process schedule: Before the welcome to confirm matters (time before 17:00) Responsible personnel: general, general coordination before the rehearsal 15:20 implementation: 1 implementation of the layout of the group photo wall, stage background wall (provided by the wedding) 2. Implement the sign-in book, gift bag and sign-in table (special person is responsible for it) 3. Put signs and posters (signage at the door of the hotel, posters next to the sign-in table and the intersection on the second floor) 4. Implement catwalk, arch, road approach, champagne tower, champagne tower, cake tower 5. Relevant personnel in place groom, bride, dad, bridesmaids, groomsmen, MC, lighting, photography after rehearsal 16:00 implementation: 6. Transport cigarettes, sugar, toys and special wine to the multi-function hall 7. Arrange the banquet 24+ 14 tables *6 rows of small hall tables 8. Implement the placement and distribution of tobacco, alcohol and sugar on the wine table (candy: point placement, tobacco: placement) 9. Implement the on-site debugging of the projector and sound effects, and with the sound engineer to implement the order of the accompaniment music 10.16:30 start to open the projection to play the wedding DV while ensuring that the nearby light is slightly dimmer and the volume is slightly louder 11. 2 goblets for the cross cup (provided by the wine). 12. Bouquet and ring (given to the bridesmaid) 13. Ensure that toys and gifts are placed on the stage side behind the MC stage 14. Ensure that game balloons are in place (two are tied to one piece) more than 6 pieces are tied to the side of the background wall 15. The personnel, time and location of the fireworks (both students and colleagues can be) 16. The guest guide personnel (one for each student) 17. Ensure that the special wine glasses are in place (for the best man) 18. The groom's cigarette, lighter and matches (for the best man) 19 during the wedding toast. Implement two bottles of special wine and mark it (give it to the best man) 20. The MC finally communicates and confirms, flexibly arranges other activities on site, and acts on occasion wedding planning is responsible for 9:00 with the makeup artist to the bride's home, make up for the bride and do a good job of communication. 10:00 start to decorate the wedding car and deliver the required bouquet: 1 bunch, corsage: 6, wrist: 1 to the best man. 12:30 Staff arrive with relevant equipment and start to prepare for the layout of the photo wall in the hall. 3*9m sign-in table and sign-in book 13: 30 began to decorate the wedding background 3 * 9 m purple white runway + white petals purple edge is aspersed road lead 8 arch a champagne tower (champagne) cake tower 1 follow spot 2, bubble machine 2 sets (appoint someone who's in charge of) 14: 00 The MC arrives at the wine and communicates with the groom again to confirm the ceremony process and communicate related matters with the person in charge of the wedding (implementing the operation of the projector, the tracking light, the bubble machine, the coordination of the hall light, the playback control of music and DV) 14:00 The photographer arrives at the wine, communicates briefly with the groom, and prepares for the day's shooting related matters. 15:00 Start to make up for the bride with the makeup artist and then make up at any time after 15:30 the preparation work is finished, the staff is in place to start the ceremony rehearsal to determine the final process after 16:00. 16:30 Open the projector began to play 3D stereo wedding DV attention to the projector near the light slightly dark volume slightly larger 18:18 hall lighting dimming play icing on the cake opening title host atmosphere opening 18:20 groom bride with the father to enter the wedding ceremony (require simple and smooth but not blunt) 18: 40 The officiant announces the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the wedding ceremony After the end of the ceremony, the new couple changes their clothes, and the makeup artist repairs the new couple, especially the bride's clothing, face, and headgear. 19:00 toasting ceremony begins, the camera follows the couple to take into account the panoramic view of the stage and the stage, the MC on the stage to start games, singing, and other interactive programs, as far as possible to enlivened the atmosphere to attract attention, until the wedding is over or the couple asks to end. 20:30 The wedding is over. The wedding is responsible for the removal and disposal


Wedding ceremony planning: wedding process planning one. The officiant will make the opening remarks and introduce the couple, who will enter. 1. The DJ plays the wedding march. 2. The couple will be brought into the venue by two flower girls at a steady and slow pace (one male and one female, each holding a small bouquet and a ring pillow). The best man and bridesmaid follow behind the couple. On both sides of the pavilion, unmarried young people put concierge flowers and throw fresh flowers. 3. The couple walk to the stage (flower girl, best man, bridesmaid stand under the stage, male flower girl will give the ring pillow to the bridesmaid, and enter the table with the female flower girl), the couple "stand" and bow (large and slow). The wedding march is over. two The officiant makes a speech and introduces the witness, and the witness gives a speech. (After the speech, the audience applauded and invited the witness to the seat) three. Exchange rings and kiss the bride. (Background music 3 minutes) 1. The bridesmaid walks to the stage with the ring pillow in her hand and stands behind the two newlyweds. Pull out the ring pillow from the middle, the groom first takes out the ring from the ring pillow to the bride and puts it on the ring finger, and the bride takes out the ring to the groom and puts it on the ring finger; The groom embraces and kisses the bride; (Bridesmaids step back) The bride and groom exchange rings, bending their arms up to 90 degrees, the backs of their hands out, to reveal the wedding ring. (Time 5 seconds) Four. The couple presents flowers to their parents. (Background music 4 minutes) (The best man and the bridesmaid respectively hold a bouquet of flowers with the groom and the bride to the parents of both sides, and the groom presents the flowers to the parents of the bride and bows. The bride presents flowers to the groom's parents and bows. The couple returns to the stage.) Five. The officiant brings out the representatives of both parents to deliver a speech. (After the speech, the audience applauded the parents' representatives to enter the table.) Cut or write a cake. (Background music 5-10 minutes) 1. The couple will cut the wedding cake from bottom to top with the cake knife. 2. Or a cake cart with a book cake will be rolled out from the side by the attendant. The couple holds a cake cone together and writes a vow of love on the book cake. 3. The couple returns to the center of the stage. Seven. Pour the champagne. (Background music) 1. The waiter opens the champagne and hands it to the groom. 2. The groom will take the champagne and the bride will pour the champagne into the champagne tower. 3. The couple raises the glass to drink the cross-cup wine, and the MC presides over the whole audience to stand up and toast together. (Cheers!) Eight. Seated (about 10 minutes) The bride changes into a second dress. (Bridesmaids, makeup artists accompanied to the dressing room, about 15-20 minutes) nine. The candlelight ceremony. The MC leads the bride and groom into the second entrance. (Background music) 1. The bride changes her dress and waits at the door. The groom will be informed by the bridesmaids to go to the door and wait with the bride for the officiant to announce the entrance. 2. The lights go down slowly. (Music starts) 3. The bride and groom slowly enter the venue, and the fireworks set off on both sides of the pavilion set off the candlelight atmosphere. The couple walk to the stage to take an igniter and light a small candle on the candelabra, then light the candle on each table in turn. Go on stage to light the main candle, a symbol of beautiful love fireworks. (candlelight ceremony finished) Ten. The new representative gave a speech of appreciation. (Background music) The officiant announces the end of the ceremony and the guests continue to eat. Eleven. The new couple enters the table to dine twelve. Improvisation games (optional). Thirteen. The party is over. Fourteen. Drop off the guests. Fifteen. Make a marriage house.