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How to match the red polka dot shirt

2018-03-14 17:36:00

How to match polka dot shirt, let's share it with you below


Wide-leg pants red polka dot shirt to wear particularly bright, with a very good look. The bottom with a blue denim wide-leg pants very stylish


Long dress + high heels This red polka dot is particularly atmospheric, the lower body is very thin with a black long dress, and then matched with a pair of high heels is particularly stylish


Straight trousers polka dot shirt to wear is particularly feminine, the lower body with a black straight trousers is very tall and outstanding


Denim skirt polka dot shirt is short-sleeved, wear a special cool, the lower body with a denim skirt special


Fishtail skirt red wave half sleeve shirt to wear is very temperament, wear no pick people, the lower body with a beige fishtail skirt is very lady


The red polka dot shirt is very thin to wear, and the lower body is particularly formal with a black skirt, which is especially suitable for white-collar workers

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