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How to modify BMW

2018-03-31 00:00:19

Today, Xiaobian brings you how to modify BMW, hoping to help you!




Appearance modification: The addition of appearance parts to ensure that it will not hurt pedestrians in use is the bottom line, and does not exceed a certain proportion of the body size.


Front bumper modification: Replacing the front bumper is a change in the shape of the car and is feasible after approval. However, it cannot be changed too much, after all, it has to be approved, and too much exaggeration may lead to manual approval.


Body color modification: Change the color of the vehicle as long as the approval is notified, so you do not like the current color can declare your own change, but the body can not exceed three main colors, there must be no advertising content. The use of colors such as red for fire alarms, orange for engineering vehicles, blue and white for police vehicles, and camouflage for special vehicles is prohibited. And it cannot be the same as public vehicles such as buses and taxis.


Tire modification: Tire modification is everyone's favorite and the most effective appearance modification method, as long as the wheel is increased, the effect will appear immediately. However, the tire can only change the original tire hub, can not replace the running tire, the replacement of larger and wider tires that are obviously not adapted to the body is not allowed.


Lighting modification: there is no explicit prohibition or permit, in theory, users can also modify the light of the vehicle, but must meet the intensity, color temperature, light beam illumination axis and offset and other aspects of the safety technology detection conditions, their own random set of headlights to certainly is not feasible.

Matters needing attention

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