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How to obtain a degree from a British Master diploma

2018-04-03 01:36:35

master degree in the UK is divided into taught master degree and research master degree. Taught master's degree programs are generally one year long, students must take a certain number of hours of courses, each semester needs to write a thesis, and submit a final thesis at the end of the year, which needs to complete 180 credits. A research master's degree usually lasts two years and involves the completion of a thesis under the supervision of a supervisor. Common degrees awarded at the master's level are Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSC), Master of Law (LLM), Master of Business (MBA), etc. In the graduate stage, I did not pass the thesis and will get a transitional diploma like diploma!


A two-inch ID photo


diploma and transcript


Passport and visa


The life of students studying in the UK is relatively monotonous, because the day change in the UK is very short, therefore, usually students studying in the UK, life is very monotonous, in addition to classes, basically no entertainment projects. The short graduate school system in the UK is an advantage for everyone when they go abroad, and they think that they can get a degree in one year, which is not very good. Also, because of the short school system, there is little time for international students to adapt to the environment. If you cannot quickly integrate into the environment and adapt to the rhythm, you will face the double pressure of life and study. It is undoubtedly a great challenge for some students going abroad for the first time.


The British academic system is also different from China, take the British master's degree, is to complete 180 credits, and the 180 credits, the thesis only occupies a part of the proportion, but if the paper fails, it will cause the 180 credits can not be completed.


As for the situation of Diploma certification, I would like to make it clear to you that the Diploma obtained in the UK for postgraduate study can be applied for foreign Diploma certification in the Ministry of Education. If you want to directly certify Diploma students, the materials required for certification are the same as the normal materials for obtaining a master's degree, just prepare the corresponding diploma. The original and photocopy of the corresponding transcript, passport, and the corresponding translation can be registered in the foreign education certification system and submitted to the window. For finding a job can be used, the answer is yes, finding a job must be used, but some employers are demanding on the education requirements, Diploma certification may not be able to meet the requirements of some units, after all, the Diploma certification only proves that you have this degree. The official certificate of foreign academic degree issued by the Ministry of Education will only mark the Diploma of higher education, while for students who have obtained a degree normally, their certificate will mark that you have obtained a master's degree and prove that you have the corresponding diploma. Therefore, the level of diploma certification is similar to that of a bachelor's degree, but it is a little higher. Compared with the staff with a master's degree is also a big difference, the threshold is lower, in salary, promotion space is not comparable, of course, the most critical point is the employer's educational requirements for candidates.