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How to operate cubic palm car search

2018-02-23 16:00:00

Many modern underground parking Spaces, similar spatial structure, users are often difficult to distinguish the direction of the car, spend a lot of time looking for vehicle parking location, that is, waste of time, but also affect the owner's mood. The cubic intelligent parking space guidance and reverse car finding system is composed of video intelligent terminal, guidance screen, area screen, reverse car finding inquiry machine and application software, that is, a video intelligent terminal is installed in the front of each two parking Spaces, and the status of two parking Spaces is detected at the same time. Video intelligent terminal integrates detection and display functions. When the parking light shows red, it means that the parking lot is parked, and when it shows green, it means that the parking lot is free. The cubic query function system can deploy a large number of two-dimensional code signs in the parking lot to realize the use of pick-up queries. This way is not limited by the deployment location of the car query terminal, and it can not only be checked while walking, but also can view the path instructions in real time to quickly find the parking location of the vehicle. At the same time, it can also realize the function of parking lot query through the website. When the user is ready to leave to pick up the car, just scan the nearby QR code, enter his license plate according to the interface presented, the system will draw the optimal electronic map for the user from the current location of the owner to the location of the car, and the owner will follow the electronic map provided by the system to find the parking location of the car. The significance of two-dimensional code reverse car search: 1. The car query terminal is not suitable for large-area deployment due to cost and venue limitations; 2. Qr code reverse car search can divert the user group of the car query terminal, reduce queuing and waiting, and improve customer experience; 3, the portability can solve the problem that the query results are easy to forget due to the interference of intermediate events; 4. Qr code is suitable for low-cost large-area deployment, can be queried anytime and anywhere, and the electronic map presented by the query results is also portable.