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How to package beautiful fruit

2018-01-05 06:24:00

Fruit is a Western traditional festival, but with the prosperity of foreign festivals in recent years, many Chinese people also love the night, the most important thing is to eat fruit, whether it is carton packaging or colored paper packaging are loved by people, night night walking in the street many fruit stands are buying fruit. Fruit itself is not much good money, but buy a good package of others, have the heart to be unwilling to do so as to bag some to send relatives and friends.


Apple color plastic paper plastic flower


Listen to the boss who sells wrapping paper, three layers of packaging out of the fruit is the most beautiful. A layer of wrapping paper on both sides is too transparent without beauty and mystery. Decisively bought a few sets of three-layer wrapping paper, and then began the fruit packaging action


The first step: the three layers are spread on the table, the outside two layers are plastic flower paper, the innermost layer is a solid color cotton paper, the placement is also exquisite, the three layers of paper need to be stacked diagonally, so that the packaging can have a sense of hierarchy. To be more beautiful like a flower.


Step 2: Place the selected apple in the center and pick up the three layers of paper diagonally. Folding has a sense of layers, the prototype can be.


The third step: stretch the plastic flower prepared in advance, the plastic flower is originally a long strip, as long as the two thin strips inside a pull out the flower shape.


Step 4: Pick up the plastic flower and tie it outside the fruit plastic packaging in the form of a bow. Even if it does not tie a bow, it is not good to kill the knot, which is not conducive to unpacking and not beautiful atmosphere. When tying plastic flowers, be sure to see whether the upper and lower is correct, sometimes a hurry will go up and down on the contrary have to start over.


This information is taken from experience without authorization

Matters needing attention

Choice of apples: The size should not be too big and too small, too many apples are difficult to pack, and the texture of the top is limited


Finished finishing: do not rush to display after completion, be sure to check the direction of the plastic flower, and whether it is strong


Fruit to the person: screening must pay attention to, in addition to choosing a good color, the taste is also good. It is a big mistake to pay attention to appearance and not taste.