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How to pay attention to the main points of the dragon frame

2018-02-18 12:48:00

Located in the eastern edge of the second ladder of our country, it is composed of medium-high mountain landform by the residual vein of the eastern extension of the Daba Mountains. The mountains in the area are tall and gradually decrease from southwest to northeast. The average altitude is 1700 meters, and the highest peak, Shennong Ding, is 3,105.4 meters above sea level, becoming the first peak in Central China, so it is known as the "roof of Central China". Located in the mid-latitude north subtropical monsoon area, controlled by atmospheric circulation, the temperature is cool and rainy, and with the rise of altitude, the formation of low mountain, subalpine three climatic zones. Therefore, the three-dimensional climate is very obvious, "the foot of the mountain peak spring in summer, the foot of the mountain peak ice in autumn, red orange yellow and green enough, spring, summer, autumn and winter are the most difficult to point" is the true portrayal of the forest climate.

Best season to visit

The best season to visit is May to October. Every year from mid-May to mid-October in the forest area, Cangshan drips green, peak Qi dense forest, abundant waterfalls, clear springs, the original and natural beauty of the eyes, coupled with the temperature is stable at this time, climb and move, the beauty of the four seasons, can be all in one, is the best travel time for summer, secluded and secret, around May 20, rhododendron is full of red mountains, The probability of seeing the sea of clouds is also quite large. Every year from November to April of the next year, is the frost period in the forest area, although the changing climate, the flying university, blocked the traffic, but the primitive forest and wild interest is also more mysterious and seductive charm, if you like the challenge, choose to travel in winter, will give you unexpected surprises, skiing in the tourist ski resort, snow sculpture, Yan Tian scenic spot to enjoy the snow scenery, It is so fun that an international ski festival is held every year.


Warm reminder: There is a poem describing the characteristics of the climate like this: "The foot of the mountain summer mountain ridge spring, the foothills yan autumn peak ice, red orange yellow and green four times, spring, summer, autumn and winter are the most difficult to point", Hanling, supermarket, the weather is changeable, is the main characteristics of the climate, the average altitude is high, the temperature changes, the extremely high temperature can reach 38.5°C, the extremely low temperature can reach -21°C, the average temperature throughout the year is low. Summer is cooler in the morning and evening, more hot at noon, to travel to prepare the necessary cold clothing, so as not to catch cold. END

Transportation and maps

Road: The traffic is mainly by road. National Highway 209 through the forest, the other is the provincial line or township road, relatively speaking, want to reach it is more difficult, the general traffic route is to arrive by train, from the south, north two lines to the forest. The passenger transportation to the surrounding areas is more convenient, and there are round-trip vehicles every day, and it is more convenient to travel. You can drive south, about 4 hours by car, stay in Songbai Town or Muyu Town, and then go south to the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. You can also go north from the car, the drive is 6 hours, in Muyu town, Songbai town accommodation, after visiting the attractions to the end of the tour, scenic spots scattered, a few people can be chartered travel, generally about 300 yuan per car/day, can be negotiated.


Driving: via main towns: ———— Jiangjiawan -- town -- Muyu town Driving conditions: from to the whole high-speed, the road surface is complete and flat. After Xiaofeng mountain road slope steep bends, driving must pay attention to the correct mountain road driving rules. Fjord town has a very steep slope, and there are no large trucks passing, please pay attention again when going up and down the slope, one must be slow, two must see three to pass. There are many people in the town, and the parking of vehicles is very irregular, please pass with caution. Specific driving route: 1, the west Hanyi highway to travel 298 kilometers to the toll station, continue to go 12 kilometers to the end of Hanyi toll station (115 yuan), turn right by the turntable 2 kilometers, then turn right (this intersection has a sign), along this road 1 kilometers left (this road has a sign). Then go 5 kilometers to the turntable and turn left (this intersection has a peak, sign and mileage). 2, along the road 5 kilometers to the Jiangjia Bay toll station (15 yuan), continue to go 4 kilometers to see a one-person intersection, (left walk direction, do not go pine). Drive 64 kilometers to the left (direction), then drive 12 kilometers to the left at the T-junction, drive 10 kilometers to the right (there is a sign in the direction of the fjord). 3. Drive 21km along the road to Xiaokou No. 1 Bridge and Xiaokou No. 2 Bridge, turn left after crossing the second bridge, then go left and downhill, enter the town after 14km, turn left at the junction and drive 4km to the T-junction (there is a sign at the junction). 4, drive 4 kilometers along the road to meet the intersection straight (see the sign at the intersection, here is the hometown of Zhaojun), go 51 kilometers straight to Muyu town (from the river to Muyu is the 209 national highway). From ShangHanyi highway to Muyu town 495 kilometers, the driving time of 7-8 hours. The fee is 130 yuan. West speed 120 kilometers to the service area, continue to drive 178 kilometers to arrive (there are three exits, the first is the toll station, turn right to the intersection Wuyi Square right turn can enter the city; The second is the exit of the development zone, after leaving the station, turn left to enter the city through the turntable tunnel; The third is connected to the Three Gorges special highway until the dam area, after the station to see the turntable left into the city, you can also directly reach the scenic spots.

Put up

There are a large number of hotels in Muyu town, Songbai town and Honghua town, the price ranges from 15 yuan/person ~300 yuan/person, cheap hotels are mostly opened by local mountain people, health conditions can also be, generally a public bathroom, some expensive hotels health conditions naturally better, here off-season and peak season accommodation prices vary greatly, there is a 20%~50% discount space, So remember to counteroffer. To travel more accommodation in Muyu town, where the hotel is more concentrated, available for visitors to choose, local three-star hotels have Shennong Villa, electric power hotel, Guesthouses, Shennong holiday wine, living environment and conditions are better, the price is also considered mid-range, 300 yuan or so/standard room, sometimes discounted; Two stars such as Wuthering Heights, Xiangyi hotel, Shanzhuang, Jinbin hotel, etc., others have Heping hotel, Caiyuan hotel, Shenbao hotel, transport collection hotel, resorts, etc., the price is more moderate, about 200 yuan, off-season can be agreed to 120 yuan, in addition, the wooden fish tourism development zone has more than 20 resident hotels, the price is about 30 yuan/person/day. If you stay in Songbai town, you can choose hotels, green rice, Zhanggong Hotel, etc., and the conditions and prices are similar to Muyu Town. Xiagu Township is the Tujia settlement area, if to the mountain people's home, the master first put out a cup of wine said to drink tea, this custom of wine instead of tea called drinking cold wine, guests took a drink and the master only feel happy, if not drinking should be explained to the master, light taste, to show respect for the master, drink cold wine, the master this hot tea. Staying at night will bring visitors a sense of mystery and return to nature. The scenic management department has already prepared hotels and mountain cabins for you to check in. If you want to stay more comfortable, there are some hotel meals in the county town around the scenic spot. END