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How to play Bongs Island

2018-03-07 12:48:00

Bati Hammer Island is a good place for leisure vacation travel, so how to play for the first time to Bati Hammer Island friends? Those who are not familiar with this place can take a look at the travel guide shared by Xiaobian for everyone.


The sea is foggy, so you can't see it very clearly, but this also adds to the mystery of the island.


Rest almost can go to the speedboat, special advice: it is best to sit when you do not eat, because it is really bumpy.


The speedboat on the island is private, and there are two charges, 100 and 50, and the cost is mainly related to the length of the distance.


Haizhiyun Park ticket is 15 yuan, seems to have student tickets.


After purchasing a ticket, visitors can enter the park for free by taxi, because it is still about 20 minutes from the gate of the Sea Rhyme Park to the Hammer Island.


Special reminder: It is difficult to get a car at the gate of the Sea Rhyme Park, so it is best to get a car on the shore of the Hammer Island after playing.