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How to play go beginners

2018-03-20 09:36:31

Today we are going to learn how to play Go for beginners.




Go beginners need to understand the rules of Go, Go pieces are divided into black and white, the number of pieces to 181 black, 180 white is appropriate, each side of the game to hold a color of pieces, black first after white, alternating, each time can only be next.


When the chess pieces are under, they are above the points of the board, after the chess pieces are made up, they must not move to other points, and it is best to take turns when playing chess, but one party is not allowed to give up the right to the skills.


When playing chess, the empty point on the board next to it in a straight line is the "qi" of this piece. When there are pieces of the same color on the point next to the chess piece in a straight line, they are connected to each other into an inseparable whole, and they are also together when calculating the gas.


On the point next to the chess piece in a straight line, there is no gas when there are different colored chess pieces, and all the gas is occupied by the other side, there will be an airless state, and the chess pieces in an airless state cannot exist on the board, this time is the raiser.


Any son on the board, after one of the son will show a state of airless, but can not extract the other's pieces, will produce a "forbidden point", prohibited from being lifted.


In the game, if there is a party to concede halfway, it is the final game, and the other party wins.

Matters needing attention

You must be patient when you play Go.