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How to pose for a portrait

2018-02-17 06:24:00

It's every girl's dream to shoot a personality portrait. So how to make yourself more beautiful, more stylish, and show your body. Xiaobian today will give you a photo how to pose.






Background item


1. The L-shaped left arm is located below the chest. Needless to say, it is important to note that the left upper arm should clamp the body hard. 2. The L-shape of the right arm is the key to relax naturally, especially the shape of the fingers, which can be loosely inserted into the hair. 3. The L-shaped combination of legs is the key. The left and right combination of legs can hide the fat on the thighs and make the legs slimmer.


1. Lie down and gather your hair above your head; The first step is very simple, just ask your girlfriend to let her hair open naturally. 2. Put a hand on your brow; Move in sync! But looking up is not the same as looking up, pay attention to the Angle of the face in the lens. 3, twist waist and body do not turn together; Turn the lower body to one side to show the exquisite curve, and turn the upper body to half the Angle.


Kneeling posture The aim of photographing a girlfriend in an upright position is to show her lean and slender body. All body parts have only one purpose - to naturally elongate the whole body. Naturally elongating is to let the girlfriend in accordance with the body proportion and gravity requirements of the condition to stand up as straight as possible. Remember to avoid leaning back too much when showing your curves; In order to keep the body upright, the center of gravity of the legs also needs to be maintained, both to maintain an upright posture, and to keep the center of gravity of the body when shooting does not shift. Leaning too far forward or too far back will make the whole person appear very out of sync in the picture. Hair should not be too messy, it needs to be simply brushed and kept in its natural state.


1. Kneel on your side. Lower your legs toward the camera. First determine the orientation of your body and find an Angle that elongates your body line. The Angle of the shot in the image pulls apart the upper body and leg lines, making the overall look very slim. 2. Twist the waist inhale to hold the stomach. The action of twisting the waist is not to turn the upper body, but only to turn the position above the waist, and do not let the stomach face the camera. Inhaling will give your waist more shape. 3, right hand waist! Raising the shoulders and inserting the right hand into the waist can play the role of "tying the belt", and the hand can highlight the waist position of the body, so the position of the hand must be above the hip.


The most classic posture in the private photos is the girlfriend holding the head with one hand, lying on the bed, but this seemingly simple posture requires the overall coordination of the main curves of the body, which is a classic but also the most difficult posture. Hair should be brushed back slightly to reveal the girl's face. The vision falls on the girl's upper body in the composition. Beauty adjustment key point 2: The toes are turned up and the toes are strained and turned up to extend the leg line. Crossing your legs can also help keep the fat off your calves.


After the body is completely down, be sure to let the right arm support the head, otherwise the whole person in the picture appears too lazy. 2. Prop up the left arm and collapse the waist. Pay attention to the supporting Angle of the left arm and try to maintain a 90-degree Angle, less than 90 degrees will block the chest, and greater than 90 degrees the upper arm will appear fatter. 3. Lower your head and lift your feet to lift your hips and head to one side, and put away your hair on the other side, otherwise the hair that hangs down will block your girlfriend's smile

Matters needing attention

Control the color of indoor light and bedsheets pull on the tulle curtain to create a uniform scattering of light in sunny days, the window is the best light source for private rooms, pull on the tulle curtain will make the light more soft, will not let the picture of light and dark light ratio is too large. Light solid colored sheets are the best choice. Do not ignore the color and decoration of the wall headboard and the wall, and keep the background clean.


Adding or subtracting EV can control the skin color of your girlfriend or model. When actually shooting, the exposure value can be increased by 1/3-1EV. Such a camera setting will make your girlfriend's skin fairer and better, but at the same time, it will lose the hair detail of the hair. Reduce exposure by 1/3EV if you want to get a thick black hair. You can also shoot separately, after a simple post-production cooperation, you can make white skin and black hair both.