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How to pose for a portrait

2018-02-18 22:24:00

For taking photos, many people told me that taking photos always looks very stiff, not good-looking, in fact, there are certain skills in taking photos, in addition to composition and the camera itself, posing is also a great knowledge, today to teach you how to pose, so that you take photos that look good, and natural. Here are 8 ways to make your photos more beautiful.






1, reach out to cover the sun sometimes take photos in the sun, you can reach out to make the feeling of blocking the sun, the elbow should be slightly complete, can not stretch too straight, so that the picture will have a sense of curve. The expression on the face should also have a smile, and the facial expression should not be too indifferent and too stiff, so that it looks good and is very natural, without that stiff feeling.


2, hand in pocket If you feel that reaching out to shade the sun is a little too deliberate, you can put your hand into the pocket, so it looks simple, but also spontaneous, in addition, is that the hand into the pocket will drive the shoulder blades back, so the whole person looks more spiritual. When doing this, it should be noted that if you are putting your hand in the pocket with one hand, then do not put your hand in the pocket with all of it, but only half of it. If you're putting your hands in your pockets, you can put them all in. It'll be more natural. Finally, the elbow must have a degree of curvature, so that there is a sense of curve, it will be very beautiful.


3, block part of the face If you are not used to facing the camera, then you can use a prop to cover your face, say: hands, hats, flowers and so on. These elements, when used well, can create a good atmosphere.


4, staring into the distance if you are not good at movement, will not make expressions, then Xiaobian give you a suggestion, that is, take the side face, look into the distance without looking at the camera. The resulting side face will be very sensual and very photogenic.


5, the legs cross Many people think that the leg pose, to see the leg type, in fact, it really has little to do with the leg type. Even if our legs are short, we can create the feeling of long legs by crossing them back and forth. The position of the leg cross should not be too high, and it can be crossed near the ankle, but the bending amplitude of the leg should be larger.


6, bend the legs If you do not have much upper body action, then your leg action must be done, said leg bending, absolutely can not stand straight legs. (1) A leg slightly bent, the first leg can make the whole person look more natural, the picture will become more vivid, in fact, bending can show the curves of girls.


(2) One foot is extended to the left, in the shape of a figure of eight, which is simple and can reflect the temperament of the human body.


7, holding the arm has two advantages, one is thin, holding the arm can appear thinner, if you are a little fat goddess, you can try to hold the arm, significantly thinner. The second is to stabilize our mood, not because of taking photos so people feel nervous, so that people become more confident in the face of the camera.


8, sitting on the ground this kind of photo pose, whether it is taking the side, front, back, or close, distant, line sense is very good, both on camera, but also appear natural.

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