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How to prevent snoring?

2018-05-14 06:24:55

In daily life, snoring people are not rare, many people think that this is the performance of sleep, in fact, snoring may not only lead to suffocation, or even sudden death at night, but also affect the sleep of others. Today we will tell you how to prevent snoring.


Strengthen physical exercise (preferably mountaineering, running, etc.) to enhance lung function.


In particular, experts warn that snorers should quit smoking immediately if they have the habit of smoking. Because the irritation of the nasal mucosa by smoking will only make the already blocked nasal passages and airways worse. Alcohol consumption increases snoring, nocturnal breathing disorders, and hypoxemia. Especially drinking before bed.


For obese people, actively reduce weight.


This content has been taken from experience without authorization


It is forbidden to take sedation, sleeping drugs and anti-allergy drugs before going to bed, so as not to aggravate the inhibition of respiratory center regulation.


Take the lateral sleeping position, especially the right sleeping position, to avoid the tongue, soft palate, uvula slack fall during sleep, aggravate the upper airway blockage. A small leather ball can be placed on the back during sleep to help force sleeping on the side.


Patients after surgery should mainly eat soft food, do not eat too hot food. Avoid strenuous activity.


Try not to drink strong tea and coffee before going to bed.