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How to prevent suntan for freshman girls

2018-04-01 00:00:45

As a wet sister, to the freshman to military training girls some advice to prevent tanning, do not feel that they are not tanned, do not wait for tanning and then regret oh, in September and October, the sun's ultraviolet rays are still very toxic, take a look at the tips I give you, do not thank you ~


First of all, the most important thing is that we should remember to wear sunscreen, do not be lazy oh, the choice of sunscreen we do not buy too cheap, there are many network red recommended sunscreen style, we can go to Tao Tao oh, remember to apply evenly before going out 15 minutes to absorb, very hot, of course, refreshing sunscreen is the best.


Second, school sister think really want to be in vain, it is better to come fully armed, now there are a lot of sunscreen clothes ah sunscreen sleeves sold, many schools now military training are short sleeves, it will inevitably let the arm tanned, if allowed, can cover it


Then, we actually have a lot of rest time when military training, remember to take a sunscreen umbrella, rest time do not pull a few silly sitting in the sun, take an umbrella, sitting in the shade, so that the hot skin is relieved, military training cap should have hair, can block a little face.


In general, we feel very tired after returning to the dormitory after military training, and lie down after eating, after a long time in the sun, the skin should be repaired after sun, to prevent melanin production, everyone in the dormitory, you can first use cold water to cool down, and then apply some products after sun repair.


When applying sunscreen, remember to apply evenly on the face and body, the face first applies isolation and then sunscreen, and then apply one kind of sunscreen, you do not feel that wearing pants and clothes is not necessary, and if you stay in the sun for a long time, you will still tan.


Another tip is that you can massage the skin of the arm back and forth with the palm of your hand in the gap time. The skin will enter a certain state of red and then black in the sun for a long time, and massage back and forth can break this state.


Finally, wet sister want to say is, I may be more obsessed with tanning this, feel that their tanning mood is very bad, in fact, freshman military training is the beginning of everyone's new university life, let go of the mentality, black black anyway winter will come back white, I wish you have a good university start, happy every day ~!