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How to propose romance? Every single detail!

2018-01-09 08:00:00

There are many things in life that can be redone, the wrong problem can be done again, the distance can not be saved enough vacation and energy to hit the road again next time, and the broken heart can be slowly repaired. However, a marriage proposal will not be repeated because of a small detail of the mistake, so men will always rehearse before proposing, every detail to make sure that it is perfect. A romantic proposal will accompany each other for the rest of their lives. So how to propose the most romantic, has become the most important issue for many men.


First of all, any theme of marriage proposal, whether it is romantic theme, or creative theme, want to be able to finally present a perfect marriage proposal, to achieve the desired effect, in addition to considering the on-site material layout, the key is the design and coordination of the process, as well as the construction of the scene atmosphere! The choice of marriage proposal music, the use of marriage proposal props, whether to consider the cooperation of friends and relatives and so on. The following is the theme of romance, Xiaobian to give you an analysis.


No, whether you plan to propose at home in a low-key manner, or a special venue to propose, the scene layout is very important. A romantic atmosphere, will let each other's body and mind are very relaxed, and then can be very invested in enjoying the surprise you carefully arranged for her. Flowers and romance seem to be a natural match, and then a simple room, as long as you can place a few flowers, the whole room will become gentle and vibrant. So if you want a romantic proposal bouquet is essential, if the proposal is arranged at night, then warm light is also a good helper to create the atmosphere. When the scene is almost arranged, don't forget to spray a few drops of perfume in the air, if there is no fragrance, add a bit of romantic mystery.


[Romantic proposal process] The romantic feeling is closely related to the layout of the scene, but also from the heart. Some shared memories, or a collection of photos for her, are some of the romantic aspects of the proposal. So control the process of proposing, catch her emotions, and then give her a blow, and the emotion will be out of control. If you are going to take her to an empty house, there are flowers, balloons and photos, when she slowly feel the atmosphere, you wear a mask, appear in the room, take her hand and dance together, one of the props is the mask. In addition to these props, the most important props for a romantic proposal are the diamond engagement ring. The climax of the proposal was the moment I put on her engagement ring. A special engagement ring adds a touch of romance and mystery to holding hands or hugging. The DR Engagement ring binds the diamond ring tightly to the exclusive nature of love. Men's real name system customization, life only to meet the most suitable for her, which is the sweetest gift when love turns to marriage.


[Proposal music and relatives' witness] Happy or sad a piece of music with headphones to the mind, some memories, will slowly emerge, will make people feel safe, music can bring us moved and impact is real, the proposal ceremony must be broken, and strive for her beloved to come to a musical sensory journey, so that the proposal romantic to perfect. Choose something emotional or cheerful, whatever the other person likes. If you want to get more blessings and witnesses when you propose, you can pull friends and relatives to the scene, the lively atmosphere also makes the proposal more festive.