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How to publish online

2018-01-16 08:00:00

There are three key links in news publishing. First, the overall planning of news marketing; Second, writing articles; Third, press release. Among the three key links, for enterprises, the most concerned is the news release link. First, a good press release planning, first of all, the press release is more easily accepted by users than the general advertising text, because it is soft marketing, more euphemistic. So advertising soft text marketing need to pay attention to what? The first is planning, a good press release must be planned well, have their own unique creativity, even if the creativity is not high readability must be achieved. Second, the press release writing method. Writing a press release must first find the right entry, and a good entry must have a good title, a good entry point can make the whole article look natural. Finding the entry to the article can mainly start from two aspects, the first is to take the advantages of the product to sell points as publicity. Another is to describe the article from the psychological perspective of the user group, seize the user's psychology, and naturally be closer to the user's heart. Third, the way the press release is issued. Enterprise press release method, the first can choose to invite media reporters to hold a press conference, the second is the enterprise has a special news planning, release team, and a certain number of cooperative media, the third is to cooperate with the press release agency, through the agency to release press releases, which is for small and medium-sized enterprises with tight funds and few media cooperation.