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How to quickly find the files on the flash drive

2018-03-03 01:36:00

In daily life, we often encounter a lot of files in our mobile hard disk or flash drive, can not find their own files, often spend a long time to open a point to find, so it takes time, if there is an urgent thing waiting for the file, how to do? Let's learn how to quickly find the files on our flash drive


First open "My computer" or "computer" (XP and W7 are mainly different names, the inside is the same)


Then double-click to open our "flash drive" or "portable hard drive"


There is a small search window in the upper right corner of the open mobile hard drive interface, see it, as shown in the picture


This is where we search for our folder name (in trouble if we forget the folder name)


Enter the name of the folder we need and click the magnifying glass on the back to find the folder we need


Isn't it very simple? If you think it is useful for you, then forward this article to help more friends