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How to quickly find which journals of a subject are included in SCI

2018-04-01 11:12:28

As a researcher, we often need to know the scientific research frontier of our own discipline, but also often publish literature; This requires us to have a certain understanding of the journals of our own discipline. Journals included in SCI have higher impact factors, and understanding journals included in SCI is conducive to our submission.


Find Web of knowledge from the foreign language database on the school library website and open it.


After entering the ISI Web of Knowledge platform, find the Journal Citation Reports database at the top of the website and enter.


On the left side of the Journal Citation Reports database, select the year to be queried, and on the right side, select View a group of journals by "Subject Category". After selecting, click submit to submit.


After submitting you will be taken to the screen below, where you can select the subject you need to view. Examples include MATERIALS SCIENCE,CERMICS (materials science, ceramics). Select and click submit.


When you enter the screen below, you will be able to compare the total number of papers, total citations and impact factors in journals of your chosen discipline.