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How to raise a cat in 2 months

2018-02-22 17:36:00

The most popular pets are cats and dogs, and there are many local cat breeds in our country, such as lions, three-flower, tabby and so on. There are many people who like cats. Today, Xiaobian shares some tips on raising kittens for friends who are ready to raise cats. 5 What kinds of Chinese native cats are there


First of all, a 2 month cat is generally divided by the stage of weaning or complete weaning, so prepare the baby cat's ration according to the weaning situation provided by the buyer or the original owner. If you are weaning, you can use special milk for cats and dogs with baby cat food to feed.


Then you have to prepare a few necessary props: cat litter box, no one wants to have the smell of cat feces everywhere in their home, so every person who intends to be a poop scooper has to prepare cat litter and train it to poop on cat litter starting at the age of 2 months. Cats are clean and smart, which is easy to teach.


Deworming is a very important point, when the cat is about 2 months old, it is necessary to go to the pet hospital to buy medicine and feed with external application to remove various harmful parasites on the skin surface of the cat. Usually once every 6-8 months.


vaccine Cats, like dogs, should be vaccinated once a year against various pet diseases that have a high death rate.


Shower clean. Note: Bathing is not recommended for young cats under 5 months of age. When you get older, you can bathe it regularly with a pet-specific body wash; In addition, when taking a bath, try to calm its mood, and do not immerse water stains in its eyes and ears.


Often accompany and communicate with the game. The baby cat's courage is still relatively small, more afraid of humans, need to accompany it carefully, buy small toys to play with it. After a long time, the feelings have, and the relationship will become more harmonious.