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How to recognize mother and child common routines

2018-03-06 12:48:00

For women in the nursing period, mother and baby are often to deal with the place. Also often unconsciously fall into the mother and child routine marketing. So how to recognize mother and child common routines? Now, let me share my experience with you.


The experience of recognizing the common routine of mother and child


Before entering the mother and child, we must first learn to exercise a bunch of eyes that can identify the identity of "pseudo-professional" shopping guides, and do not be casually given routines by the other party. So, in your spare time, read more books about breastfeeding.


The only vitamin that the baby needs to supplement is vitamin D, and preventive iron supplementation from about half a year old, as for the real role of other trace elements is not very obvious. Therefore, do not believe the recommendations of mother and child trace element detection.


Before the baby is half a year old, it is best to feed exclusively or exclusively breast milk, and gradually replace it with other complementary foods from 6 months later. Therefore, do not listen to the recommendations of mother and baby to wean and drink goat milk.


Do not buy some so-called baby exclusive food, baby meat floss, baby juice and so on. Because they don't contain much stuff.


If the baby has constipation, do not believe the advice given by the mother and baby to eat honey. Because babies under the age of one cannot eat honey at all.


When the baby has just begun to learn to walk, do not listen to the advice of the mother and child guide to buy the bed circumference and the baby walker, because these objects are not good for the baby to learn to walk, it is best to let the baby use the hand to push the baby walker.