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How to relieve children's "dental phobia"

2018-03-16 17:36:00

How to relieve children's "dental phobia"


Parents should give their children positive signals. Children have dental problems, parents should not be too anxious, not to bring their own fear of dental treatment to the child, to consciously weaken the child to see the dentist, let him feel that the dentist is a very normal thing.


Do not give children unnecessary assurance that the dentist does not hurt at all. The child will not only have resistance at the beginning, but also bring adverse effects to the subsequent treatment: once there are uncomfortable symptoms in the treatment, the child will have the feeling of being cheated and more resistant to treatment. Parents can use encouraging language, such as praising the child's bravery, praise the treatment of good teeth beautiful and so on.


Parents can watch relevant cartoons with their children or tell them some fairy tales related to tooth treatment before treatment, and encourage their children to see teeth through stories.


Before and after the dental visit, parents and children can simulate the scene of dental examination and treatment in the way of playing games at home. Parents and children play the role of doctor and patient to check each other's teeth, so that children are more familiar with the operation to be faced, and reduce the possibility of fear.


Parents need to communicate well with their doctors. Before treatment, it is necessary to fully understand the symptoms of the child and help the doctor encourage the child. After the treatment is complete, the child should be actively encouraged regardless of how he or she performs.