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How to remove the etc of the 11th generation Civic

2018-03-30 11:12:58

Prepare a fishing line with a pair of rubber gloves and straighten the line with both hands. Pull down hard from the etc. If it is too tight, it will be a few times. Cut back and forth with the fishing line and clean the residue on the windshield with wet wipes. The acoustic insulation problem of the Honda family model is really inherited from the family, although the models introduced in recent years such as the Accord Alion have improved in terms of sound insulation and noise reduction, but in the models below 200,000 yuan level, the problem of poor sound insulation is still very obvious, the noise source of the new Civic is mainly engine noise, especially after deep stepping on the accelerator with the rise in speed. Engine noise is particularly noticeable. If the Honda engine can enjoy the sound of VTEC at high speed, then now the Honda engine at high speed is only left with a roar, which sounds really not pleasant, the 11th generation of Civic's 1.5T turbocharged engine compared to the previous generation model, slightly improved in terms of parameters. However, only 5 horsepower and 20N·m are different, and the help for power improvement is limited. In addition, the new Civic is about 45KG heavier than the previous generation model in terms of vehicle mass in the case of the same configuration, and because the suspension is softer and less supportive than the previous generation Civic, the new Civic is not as good as the previous generation model in terms of acceleration and body feeling.